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While working as a technical manager in the food manufacturing industry, it quickly became apparent to me that there was a gap in the market.

I found a substantial technical resource and affordability gap between artisanal and medium-sized food producers, and manufacturers trying to make the break, and the big boy food producers and manufacturers where there was a flock of technical resources coming out of every office door and money was no object.

I would often get asked for technical advice outside of my day job and, to be honest, I loved the feeling I got when I knew I had provided priceless insider knowledge to a business using my technical experience as an Environmental Health Officer, Technical Manager, and 3rd party auditor (I’ve worn lots of hats!). This meant their product was safer, compliant and, less of a risk of enforcement action – and of course, they could sleep easier at night!

I was unhappy working with certain clients and my technical role being-taken for granted, so I decided to take the plunge, roll up my sleeves and offer my support where it is really needed.

On October 25th, 2018 I spent £12 with Companies House, and Beacon Compliance was born.

Originally called, “One Step Ahead Food Safety Ltd” as essentially, that was exactly what I was doing keeping my clients one step ahead.

The name didn’t exactly roll of the tongue easily, so I began to consider alternatives, inspiration came while I was listening to the radio. A song came on about a lighthouse on the hill, and I thought, that’s it. Beacon Compliance is essentially a lighthouse, proactively guiding food producers and manufacturers away from the rocks of non-compliance to the safety of conformance and accreditations galore!

In short, Beacon Compliance bridges the technical resource gap by offering food producers and manufacturers around the UK bespoke food safety compliance solutions to fit with your food business needs, whatever stage of growth you may be at or aspiring to achieve.


About Katie...

What can I do?  Well I am very experienced so I can cover, everything on the contents page of BRC Global Standard for Food, Storage, Distribution and Agents and Brokers, SALSA and STS!

Who am I? Well, depending on how well the rugby team is doing, I am known to swing between supporting England or Wales! I was born in Trowbridge and moved to Swansea when I was 5 – probably time I decided where my loyalties lie though hey!! People tell me that I have a hybrid accent, some may say posh, Welsh accent.

But, seriously, I like to describe myself as a good cop.  I am very much on your side.  I started in enforcement as an Environmental Health Officer back in 2004, inspecting hundreds of food businesses across South Wales and sunny Cornwall. In 2006, I was tempted into the private food manufacturing sector by my late father.  I soon realised he actually wanted free technical consultancy to deliver his BRC Food version 4, Dad’s hey! After getting Dad sorted, I quickly moved into technical management implementing food safety quality management systems to withstand M&S, TESCO, Morrison, ASDA and Ginsters branded scrutiny, as well as managing and personally developing teams of quality assurance technicians.  Through this I found myself working with everything from suet, raw meats, pasties, and slices, to sandwiches, cream cakes, savoury pastries and butter and now I work with all forms of food product!  Through this time, I was also able to gain experience as an auditor!  The opportunity to sit opposite, scrutinising the documented systems that food businesses had in place to get a third-party accreditation!  This gives a great insight that my clients are finding invaluable.

In my other life I have two daughters and I am very proud to let them see Mummy working hard to get them the big house and other comforts that they want. 

I am dedicated to the success of my clients, with their success being a reflection on my own and Beacon Compliance’s capabilities.  My ‘glass half full’ attitude to life and business means that I present problems with solutions.  I am passionate when it comes to fairness and delivering a practical, bespoke and personal solution at the right level and need for the food producer and manufacturer, why go for BRC when SALSA is sufficient? or why not go for BRC when you have the technical resource supporting you?

I am so excited about what the future holds for the company as my goal of Beacon Compliance being the ‘go to’ food safety expert centre for food producers and manufacturers around the UK evolves!