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"We don’t know where to start..."
Can you relate to this?

You probably don’t have the technical resources, or someone dedicated to the technical systems your company requires, due to growth and customer demands.

Perhaps you don’t have the finance or demand to employ a full-time technical person. You won’t be alone if this area of your business leaves you feeling overwhelmed.

If we gave you the ingredients, you could produce your product all day long and probably with your eyes closed. 

However, when you sit down with a book of legislation and customer standards, even the thought of creating a legally compliant food label, you want to run a mile.

This takes you right out of your comfort zone.

About Our Food Safety Management System

Don’t worry, at Beacon Compliance legislation and customer standards are where we are most comfortable. 

We can provide you with full the technical support and knowledge your business requires without the worry of funding a full-time employee. 

Those supplier questionnaires, finished product specifications and the lengthy preparation required for you that SALSA audit – there are the areas we could probably do with our eyes closed (just don’t ask us to bake a cake).

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Contact us and let us talk you through how we can help you to tick your food safety compliance boxes so you can focus on your products and customers.

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